vocalconsort initium

Tokyo, Japan, since 2015

vocalconsort initium is a semi-professional chamber choir established by Kaoru Tani and Kota Yanagishima in 2015. The choir successfully undertook its first concert in 2016. A second concert is planned for March 2018.

Projektchor Philharmonia

Tokyo, Japan, since 2013

Projektchor Philharmonia is a project-based choir conducted by Kaoru Tani and Kota Yanagishima. Since 2013, the choir has performed in three concerts together with an orchestra. A fourth concert is planned for July 2018.

Hugo Distler Vokalensemble


Tokyo, Japan, since 2017

The Hugo Distler Vokalensemble is an amateur chamber choir established by Kaoru Tani in 2017. Choral works by modern German composers such as Hugo Distler and polyphonic Renaissance pieces comprise the two pillars of the choir’s repertoire.